Bone Densitometry

AOS-100E EggQus



Foot stand unit

The optimum heel position can be assured irrespective of the patient’s foot size with the adjustable foot stand unit. This enables transmission and reception of ultrasound pulses through the calcaneus at the correct location.

Measurement in approximately three seconds

The short measurement time is convenient for elderly examinees and for screening that requires rapid handling.

Temperature correction and heel width measurement


There are many different environments in which bone densitometry systems are used; from regular check-ups to screening, from the elderly to children. The AOS-100SA provides reliability under all circumstances, regardless of the ambient temperature.


Touch panel LCD can be operated from any direction.

With a rotating monitor display, a greater flexibility of examination room layout is possible.



DCS-600EXV is DXA based system which measures forearm (radius) BMD. The bone in the forearm (radius) has minimum aging deformation, and is therefore suitable for elderly BMD diagnosis. Diaphysis (filled with cortical bone) and Distal Radius (filled with spongy bone) can be scanned in one scan.



Voice of our customers made DCS-600EXV anew.


Outstanding accuracy and high speed


A compact system with reliable technologies and outstanding usability - this was our aim for development of the X-ray Bone Densitometry System DCS-900FX.
High accuracy. Compact. User-friendly.
DCS-900FX is our answer obtained after continuous pursuit of more comfortable examination, for both examiner and examinee.




Versatility adapting to a wide variety of needs.