Bone Densitometry

AOS-100E EggQus

EggQus was created through a concept of an eggshell – a shape born in nature.

Its strong and lightweight features allow maximum portability to offer bone mass measurement to more people.


AOS-100SA is a complete system that covers the entire workflow from measurements to printing results, data storage, reliable for all environments – elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.


15 seconds is all it takes to measure bone densitometry with DCS-600EXV.

This DXA-based system, that features a forearm measuring method, offers the most comfortable examination with high image quality and accuracy to provide outstanding usability in one scan.


DCS-900FX was developed to create a compact system that has reliable technologies and outstanding usability. It is the answer to the continuous pursuit of having a more comfortable examination for both the examiner and examinee.