Airis Light

Easy Operation for Users and Friendliness for Patients

Laterally Aligned Table

Aperto Lucent


In MRI diagnosis, effects of motion artifacts should be considered. Our new feature, RADAR, mitigates the motion artifacts, which can be used not only with T2WI, but also with T1WI and FLAIR, obtaining any slice direction for your needs.

We believe this feature will be widely applied to clinical applications.



Echelon Smart

Hitachi’s 1.5T Superconductive MRI Echelon Smart combines the benefits of low operating cost valued in permanent magnet systems, together with optimal image performance available in high-end superconductive systems. Combining “SMART” core product principles, Hitachi offers a truly well-packaged proposition encapsulating a powerful system in a compact and cost-efficient product. 

Hitachi to launch “ECHELON Smart”, a 1.5T superconductive MRI, featuring superior image quality and a patient-friendly examination environment