Arietta 850

ARIETTA 850 ultrasound platform responds to high expectations to answer the ever increasing demands of medical professionals. Its fundamental performance has been refined with the goal of creating an ultimate ultrasound platform, based on its newly-developed, Pure Symphonic Architecture. 

Arietta Prologue

The ARIETTA Prologue offers superior imaging quality and is equipped with functions that improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis when and where needed.

Arietta V60

From the extensive range of available transducers, you can be sure to find the one that is appropriate for your examination.
- Less patient-dependent B-mode image variability is experienced; imaging of high quality and sensitivity is available immediately the transducer is applied reducing the need for time-consuming adjustment.
- Blood flow information can be easily acquired. The sharply delineated Doppler waveform is easy to measure.

Arietta V70

ARIETTA V70 incorporates features that reduce stress and improve its ease-of-use. Detailed ergonomic design that meets recommended industry standards supports a comfortable working environment.


The Noblus offers advanced functions that can be exploited in many different clinical situations. The Ultra BE, an ultrasound-specific digital signal processor is at the core of the Noblus, achieving advanced beam formation and sophisticated image processing.