Airis Light - 0.25T Permanent Magnet

Airis Light
Airis Light - 0.25T Permanent Magnet

AIRIS Light is the state-of-the-art Open MRI which features not only easy operation with its laterally aligned table and siting flexibility with its compact design, but also a wide variety of imaging techniques (advanced imaging technologies) to expand diagnostic capabilities.

Expanded Potential for Better Diagnosis
1. Goodbye horizontal magnetic field.
Open MRI systems replaces the traditional receiver coils of horizontal magnetic field technology with a 40% more sensitive solenoid type receiver coil that conducts magnetic field vertically.
2. Suppressed eddy currents. 
An advanced gradient coil system and ECC feature is introduced to prevent eddy currents from deforming magnetic waveform, thus obtaining stable high-quality images.

3. Easy correction of magnetic field.
The limitations faced with using linear shimming to correct static magnetic field homogeneity is solved with Supershim’s high order curved surface shimming function. Supershim realizes the frequency-selective fat suppression technique even with a low field MRI system.

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No Helium. No Chiller. No Equipment Room.
AIRIS Light offers the most high cost-performance with its eco-friendly permanent magnet, small build and fringe field, helping you save on hefty installation, power, and maintenance costs.

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Wide Opening. Wide Possibilities.
The widely opened gantry allows for ample space and unprecedented patient comfort. Relatives can even accompany and communicate with patients during the scan.

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