AOS-100E EggQus - Portable (For Heel)

AOS-100E EggQus
AOS-100E EggQus - Portable (For Heel)



Foot stand unit

The optimum heel position can be assured irrespective of the patient’s foot size with the adjustable foot stand unit. This enables transmission and reception of ultrasound pulses through the calcaneus at the correct location.

Measurement in approximately three seconds

The short measurement time is convenient for elderly examinees and for screening that requires rapid handling.

Temperature correction and heel width measurement

Precise speed of sound (SOS) measurements are optimised for variations in temperature; measurements are modified to take into account patient’s heel width to give an accurate status of the bone condition.




Outstanding portability*

EggQus is light, compact and versatile compared to conventional ultrasound bone densitometry systems. The large integrated handle facilitates in-hospital rounds and house visits.

Rechargeable battery operation

The system is powered by rechargeable batteries enhancing its portability. Continuous and convenient use can be sustained using the AC adapter accessory.




Open design

Patients can be examined in a seated or supine position and with the open design, lifting and positioning the heel is a simple operation, even for the elderly. Removal of gel, cleaning and disinfection between patients is made easier.


Easy operability

The motor-controlled transducer unit moves automatically, minimizing manipulation by the operator.

Use for research

As a special tool for research, measurements can be performed with the foot stand unit removed.