AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

Use environments for bone densitometry systems are diverse. AOS-100SA is a system reliable in each environment, from daily examinations to screenings, from the elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.

AOS-100SA is a complete system that covers the entire workflow from measurements to printing results, data storage, reliable for all environments – elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.

It embodies our commitment for functionality and operability.


Anywhere, anytime.
Examination can be done under a variety of conditions and results can be printed on the spot with built-in printer.

Large Memory Capacity.
AOS-100SA can store up to 63,000 measurement results.

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Comfort for both users and patients.
With adjustable foot board and comfortable footrest angle, a more accurate position of the heel bone for measurement can be done. With sliding lever function, the heel position for measurement can be fixed easily.

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High Precision and Performance.
Laser displacement meter is used for the measurement of heel width for the best accuracy. Temperature correction function minimizes measurement errors caused by environmental temperature differences.

Measures in Approx. 2 Seconds.
Speedy measurements for smooth examination and minimized physical burden, especially during mass health examinations.

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