AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

AOS-100SA - Portable (For Heel)

There are many different environments in which bone densitometry systems are used; from regular check-ups to screening, from the elderly to children. The AOS-100SA provides reliability under all circumstances, regardless of the ambient temperature.


Touch panel LCD can be operated from any direction.

With a rotating monitor display, a greater flexibility of examination room layout is possible.


Open design

Patients can be examined in a seated or supine position and with the open design, lifting and positioning the heel is a simple operation, even for the elderly. Removal of gel, cleaning and disinfection between patients is made easier.


Only 2 seconds measurement time

The extremely short measurement time is convenient for elderly examinees and for screening that requires rapid handling.

“All in one”

Built-in printer for instantaneous reporting, colour touch panel LCD display, and data memory for storage of more than 63,000 patients’ data are features of the all-in-one system.



Position for measurement is adjustable according to foot size

By simply attaching/detaching the different sized foot adapters, a choice of 3 different heel positions can be selected to ensure that the ultrasound waves are transmitted through the correct part of the calcaneus for each patient.


Transducer unit gently holds the heel from left and right

The transducer unit applies an appropriate pressure to make close contact with the heel, enabling stable waveform transmission without energy loss.


Patient’s heel width is accurately measured

Laser displacement meter assessment of the heel width improves the high accuracy of the SOS (Speed of Sound) measurement.


Temperature is monitored during measurement

Automatic adjustment is made for any variation in temperature.


Changes in speed of sound and waveforms are measured

Osteo Sono-assessment Index (OSI) combines the measured speed of sound (SOS) with attenuation parameters to provide a more precise bone density status.




Reference values

Look-up tables are available for all ages over

9 years for reference, when considered



Extended data management function

With optional PC software, a smoother workflow for data management can be achieved with patient data input, color printout, graph display of trends and

CSV file output of the measured results all being available.