Echelon Oval - 1.5T Superconductive

Echelon Oval - 1.5T Superconductive

Made for the way you are. ECHELON Oval is designed based on the shape of the human body at a game-changing 74 cm oval bore, providing the space capacity of an open MRI. It offers an optimal patient experience with outstanding comfort, space and efficiency.

MRI never felt so easy. 
With our Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT), your imaging process is optimized entirely.

Optimized at setup.
The WIT mobile table provides extra width for easier patient acclimation and easy accessibility.

Optimized at scanning.
Autopose effectually moves workflow forward by automatically determining and placing optimal scan slice locations based on the initial scanogram, saving time and improving consistency of routine brain scans.

Optimized at image processing.
Mounted with WIT RF coil system, the signal is digitally transmitted right at the gantry preventing signal loss whilst minimizing noise. The result is the highest possible SNR.
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A Revolution in Diagnostic Imaging
Wide-bore without compromise.
Hitachi’s innovation replaces the traditional narrow bore MR with an industry leading wide bore that maintains excellent magnetic field homogeneity.

Precise magnetic field control
Two independent high power RF amplifiers are incorporated in Oval Drive RF system to enable individual phase and power control for uniformed RF transmission.

Outstanding homogeneity in any field
Hitachi’s High Order Shim System (HOSS) reduces disruption to uniformity caused by the patient’s body, delivering consistent fat saturation even across large field-of-views.


Free from B1 non-uniformity
The revolutionary fat suppression technology, H-sinc, can be applied to a wide variety of sequences and CE scans to mitigate B1 non-conformity, allowing for exceptional fat suppression critical for MR diagnosis.
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MRI Solutions For Your Peace of Mind
At 74cm wide, the oval bore is shaped to provide utmost comfort for patients, crafting the optimum imaging experience. No more anxiety, no more re-scans, only winning results for both patient and clinicians.

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