Lisendo 880

Lisendo 880

With the goal to ensure reliability for diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease, LISENDO 880 achieves: remarkable display of 3D images, accurate capture of the heartbeat, precise visualisation of blood flow.

Revolutionary Cardiovascular Ultrasound
A wide range of essential image adjustment parameters, tools and technology are refined and packaged as Hitachi’s Pure Symphonic Architecture, to provide the premium level of image quality for cardiac diagnosis.
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Sleek design. Intuitive touch.
Lisendo 880’s operating console is made for intuitive performance, like having the freeze button and core 5-switch close to the trackball, to streamline your workflow.
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Perform Optimal Diagnosis with our 
HDAnalytics Package for Heart Failure Diagnosis.

For unique and accurate assessment of cardiac hemodynamics, Hitachi has combined a collection of the most powerful analytical tools, packaged as HDAnalytics, for Lisendo 880.

Global Longitudinal Strain
GLS, the ratio of change in LV endocardium length, can be altered significantly in patients with heart failure, while maintaining a normal Ejection Fraction (EF).
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eTRACKING with Wave Intensity
eTRACKING provides early detection of atherosclerosis, vessel wall stiffness independent of blood pressure, and estimation of the vessel age from the β value. The Wave Intensity provides an index for the timing of early systole and end systole during the rapid change of pressure and velocity.
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LV eFlow
LV eFLOW is a non-invasive, high definition blood flow imaging mode that drastically improves sensitivity for the visualization of the endocardial border in the left ventricle; it is particularly useful for diagnosing technically difficult patients.

Dual Gate Doppler with R-R Navigation
Simultaneous FFT spectral analyses from two sample gates are provided by Dual Gate Doppler for effortless comparison. In addition, R-R Navigation automatically detects appropriate heartbeats for measurement in patients with irregular heartbeats. Measurements such as the E/e’ ratio, isovolumetric contraction and relaxation times, as well as an evaluation of dyssynchrony in septal and lateral walls can be obtained from the same heartbeat.
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Vector Flow Mapping
VFM can display the resultant hemodynamic effects within the LV during systole of defects captured by GLS. The energy loss display maps the energy dissipated by flow disturbance providing possible early detection of heart failure from information obtained within the heart chamber.


Perfect with 2DTTE Transducer.
The phased array transducer has been designed to realize high spatial, temporal, and contrast resolution that is essential for cardiology.

Focused at all depths with eFocusing.
eFocusing, the newly developed transmission & reception technology realizes significant S/N improvement and reduces focal dependency whilst providing excellent penetration at higher frequencies.

With a one touch operation, eFocusing offers a real-time display unmodified by image processing.

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Automated Cardiac Measurement. Smart & Precise.
With Hitachi's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), high precision in automated measurements of complex cardiac functions can be attained.

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Beyond Basic Hemodynamic Evaluations
Dynamic 3D Cardiac
Lisendo 880 offers Bi-plane Imaging, 3D Zoom, Active 3D, and Wide-Angle 3D Live Imaging to provide a comprehensive set of data for your 3D and 4D Cardiac Evaluation and Analysis. The acquired 3D data can be used for different analysis packages, including valve diameter measurement, 3D morphological observation, volume calculation, and tracking.

Cardiac 3D

4D MV Assessment


4D LV Analysis
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Automated calculation of Ejection Fraction from 3D volume data. The Biplane images (4ch and 2ch) are displayed with ED/ES frames selected automatically.


The fully automated speckle tracking function provides precise quantification of strain and strain rate for the left and right ventricles and left atrium for visualization and analysis of myocardial mechanics.
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Advanced Applications


  • Intelligent Series

    • iDGD

    • i2DTT

  • Dual Gate Doppler

  • 2D Tissue Tracking

  • EyeballEF

  • Auto IMT

  • Cardiac 3D

  • Vector Flow Mapping


Women’s Health

  • Dual Gate Doppler

  • Dynamic Slow Motion Display


  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging

  • eFlow

  • Detective Flow Imaging (DFI)


  • Intraoperative transducers

  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging


Lisendo 880 is compatible with a vast range of high sensitivity transducers, specially designed for high quality imaging in a wide range of diagnostic applications.


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