OASIS - 1.2T Superconductive

OASIS - 1.2T Superconductive

The highest field strength Open MRI. OASIS sets the highest standard of Open MRI, achieving high throughput diagnostic performance, combined with a truly open architecture suitable for all patient types.

Attaining the zenith of open MRI.
A powerful combination of vertical field and Zenith RF technology allows coils to axially enclose the anatomy. This results in maximum signal capture and uniformity throughout the imaging volume.
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Image in Free-Style.
Image without coils
T/R body coil incorporated in the gantry allows for imaging without wearing the receiver coil.

Image in free posture
Use a loose flexible body coil to image patients who have difficulty laying down flat.

Image in recumbent posture
Use a large joint coil to provide utmost relaxation for claustrophobia patients.

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Faster and better
By employing 33mT/m peak amplitude, small FOV’s and thin slices can be combined, and large matrix datasets can be quickly acquired with slew rates of up to 100 T/m/sec.
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Unmatched patient comfort
The asymmetrical pillar gantry design allows for unobstructed lateral view, evoking a sense of security and friendliness for patients.
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No patient is too challenging
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Open architecture to allow continuous parent-child contact.


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Unobstructed view to ease anxiety and claustrophobia.


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Table is motorized from 20” for easy patient access.


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Unlimited lateral opening with the highest weight limit to comfortably image larger patients.


For more information about this product, you may visit https://www.hitachi-medical.com.sg/solutions/oasis/