Radnext - 320 mA/500 mA Conventional (Analogue)

Radnext - 320 mA/500 mA Conventional (Analogue)

A general radiography system combined with a high performance 50kW inverter type high voltage generator for Radnext50.
 To cope with diversified needs for general radiography, a variety of product lineup are available from a high performance ceiling-mounted rail type tube support to a simple and easy-to use floor-mounted rail type tube support.

Smart Set: Smart design & Easy operation

Radnext 32/50 is available as the Smart Set (ceiling traveling type), or as the Compact Set (floor traveling/mount type).

  1. Rotating mechanism around the supporting column
    Since the supporting column can be electromagnetically locked at any desired position, angle-setting for lateral direction is very easy.

  2. Vertical stroke
    Covering a wide area of 1650mm vertical movement offers flexibility and ease for different types of demanding expectations.

  3. SID tracking*
    The X-ray tube assembly automatically follows the vertical movement of the radiographic table while maintaining the SID.

  4. Height tracking*
    The height of the X-ray tube assembly automatically follows the vertical movement of the vertical radiographic stand.

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Compact Set: Compact design & Flexible operation

  1. Lightweight and compact
    Different layout options to suit your needs.
  2. Easy positioning
    You will be able to easily position the tube in 3 directions: lateral, vertical, and longitudinal
  3. Auto tracking mechanism
    To improve chest radiography workflow, our auto-tracking mechanism is available with the compact floor-support type stand.

Moving lightly with one hand, rapid setting with the other

Radnext 32/50 is equipped with the One Hand Grip Controller that allows operators to easily position the X-ray tube at any height and angle.


Easy to view and operate
Radnext 32/50 comes with an easy-to-see coloured LCD screen such that the radiographic parameters and regions can be easily checked and adjusted in the examination room. It has the same operability as the control console that features an intuitive and easy-to-see LCD color touch panel.


Motorized collimator
The collimator size can be selected on the LCD screen depending on the image size. The centre indication laser is also available for easier and more accurate positioning.


For  more information on this product, you may view https://www.hitachi-medical.com.sg/solutions/radnext-32-50/