Scenaria View

Scenaria View

SCENARIA View is the new evolution of whole-body X-ray CT System that achieves sharp reduction of examination time, smooth operation, comfortable scanning, the next-generation iterative dose reduction

Fast Performance, Remarkable Workflow.
By segmenting and optimizing the flow of imaging procedures, examination time can be reduced sharply.
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Low Dosage, High Image Quality
Next-generation iterative dose reduction *IPV up to 83% and image nose reduction up to 90% compared to FBP (Filtered Back Projection).
*IPV is an abbreviation for Iterative Progressive reconstruction with Visual modeling.

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Utmost comfort for you and your patient
Spacious aperture of 80cm and easier positioning with lateral slide table.
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High Precision Leads to Better Diagnosis
HiMAR (High Quality Metal Artifact Reduction) uses proprietary algorithms for estimating and correcting artifacts based on metal data.

Shuttle Scan
With alternating table movement, scan range over 80mm is possible, making it useful for diagnosis blood flow in the brain.

Dual Energy Scan
Acquires data from a width of 40 mm (0.625mm x 64 rows). By synchronizing high kV and low kV X-ray scan alternately, artefacts caused by misregistration are reduced.
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