SOFIA – Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS)

SOFIA – Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS)

The new SOFIA 3D breast ultrasound system solves all the economic and logistic challenges associated with whole-breast ultrasound by using a full-field radial scanning method. The resulting throughput, efficiency, and patient comfort make SOFIA the ideal solution for women with dense breasts.


SOFIA offers a fully automated scan procedure providing rapid whole breast image acquisition with one button operation. Patients can be scheduled every 10 minutes for a bilateral breast examination. This automated process does not require operator interaction during the scanning procedure, ensuring reproducibility and efficiency. Due to the prone position of the breast and tomographic reconstruction of images, SOFIA™ data sets can be compared in the same plane and orientation as those acquired with other tomographic modalities such as DBT and MRI.

Ease of Use
SOFIA's touchscreen user interface provides operators with intuitive icon driven menus for ease of operation. The Pre-Scan menu allows the operator to perform a 360° rapid review scan to confirm optimization of scan parameters (Depth, Focal Zones, DR, TGC). The Automated Scan menu allows the operator to perform a fully automated whole breast scan without user interaction once the Start icon is selected. Images are automatically acquired and stored for post processing. The Manual Scan menu allows the operator to advance or reverse the transducer position. Probe location is mapped and displayed graphically for instant user feedback. This feature allows the operator also to perform additional ultrasound procedures such as Doppler and elastography examinations.

SOFIA™ provides radiologists with state of the art whole breast tomographic data sets that can be presented in 2D, 3D, and MPR views for enhanced characterization of abnormal anatomical features. Due to the tomographic nature of acquired data sets, SOFIA™ is uniquely capable as an adjunct to mammography for dense breast patients, for identification of bilateral and multi-focal disease states, diagnosis of palpable breast masses, evaluation of breast implants, and whole breast imaging for patients where mammography is contraindicated. An entire bilateral whole breast examination can be read in less than minute per breast.

Patient Experience
The patient is scanned in the prone position. The SOFIA table can be lowered to facilitate patient access or elevated to make interventional procedures more comfortable. Prone positioning further provides the patient with a high level of privacy. The SOFIA table with its multi-layer memory foam construction offers the patient a comfortable experience during the rapid scan Procedure, allowing whole breast imaging without ionizing radiation, compression, or contrast injection.