Uniexpert - Fluoroscopy (3-in-1 Digital X Ray)

Uniexpert - Fluoroscopy (3-in-1 Digital X Ray)

The UNIEXPERT is a combination of fluoroscopy, radiography and the new way of thinking. Designed with the ability for completely motorized positioning and high-resolution imaging delivered to you in one unit. Now you can switch your attention from managing the system to managing the patient.

A conventional version with various sizes of the image intensifiers offers you a cost-effective TV-chain solution for general radiography and fluoroscopy.

Using the dynamic flat panel detector, fluoroscopy examinations, general radiography procedures and direct radiography projections can be routinely made with single cost-effective detector.

A WiFi cassette-sized detector is availible for a hybrid version.


  • All motorized movements to reduce operator workloadMotorized height adjustments and lowest minimum height for easy access
  • Patient load capacity 230 kg
  • 180 cm SID for uncompromised chest imaging
  • Featuring wireless cassette-sized flat panel detector