X-Buggy - Mobile X-Ray

X-Buggy - Mobile X-Ray

The pursuit of portability and comfort during use. That's the idea behind its shell-like construction.

Avoid the cost of providing separate imaging equipment for daily and emergency use. The value for money is undeniable.

  • Size, weight, considering frequency to the maximum, equipped with a high-power X-ray tube of 5.6Kw
  • Choose from a variety of colors.
  • For dose reduction. Equipped with high-precision dedicated inverter circuitry.
  • Ultra-lightweight at about 100kg even with battery and an easy to hold handle.
  • Just the right size for the hospital ward, operating room, or long-term care facility.
  • Caster height of just 13.2cm. Leaves plenty of room to maneuver even at a small bedside.
  • Anatomically programmed radiography (APR). Eight preprogrammed settings.
  • Digital display + dial commands enable intuitive, fast oepration.
  • Maximum height 1,678. Guarantees a sufficient SID not only for typical beds but for conference room tables used as beds in an emergency.
  • Positioning is easy. The height adjustment of the arm never deviate from the aims area of the body. Moreoever, by changing the site of shooting, shooting distance does not change.
  • Equipped with redundant power supply.
  • Capture images from AC (outlet) regardless of remaining battery life.

Examples of use
Flexible image capture in conjunction with satellites
Disaster sites, first aid facilities, etc.
In long-term care facilities or hospital wards
In operating rooms

On-board auxiliary costers
Tire cover
Carry back for (FPD and CR)
Area dosimeter

Color variations
rose red
traditional navy
spring green
pastel yellow

Factory options (please consult when ordering)
Telescopic arm
Redundant power supply

Generator: Inverter control system
Generator output: 5.6kw
Maximum tube voltage: 1110kV
Maximum tube current: 120mA
mAs: 0.3 to 100 mAs (35 steps)
APR: 9 preprogrammed settings
X-ray tube: focal spot size: 1.5mm, stationary anode
Weight: Approx. 80kg (including redundant power supply: approx. 100kg)